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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashion Drive-by: The intern 

The Clarion Content has long supported working with the most talented people we can. We do not buy into the strictures of age. Where else is the old cliche, it is all relative, more appropriate?1

To that end, here at the Clarion Content, we make no discrimination on the basis of age when seeking to work with the best and most creative people we can. To move from the general to the specific, our fabulous new intern, Katie Davidson, is a senior at Durham Academy. She just won an award as the most outstanding photographer in the school. When you see her work in a few short weeks, you will know why...We are delighted to have her on board!

Seeking to give talent a platform, we offered Ms. Davidson the opportunity to channel her own Durham vision, by photographing her own Fashion Drive-By.

As always, we used local Durham models, partnered with local Durham fashionistas and shot the photos locally. Below you will find a little behind the scenes teaser from this latest Clarion Content Fashion Drive-by.

We collaborated with River Takada-Capel of Riverbasin Outfitters and the Gypsy Witch Collective out of the dtownMARKET in Durham to get the splendid, reworked clothes the models are wearing. The models went wild for these outfits and looks. Our amazing Creative Director, Cady Childs, worked with Ms. Davidson to channel the "Bohemian Redneck" theme. The outstanding team of Angela Goldman and Kara Pezzimenti combined to style the model's fabulous hair.3

This shoot will blow you away. In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes sneak peeks of Katie and her models.

Photo credit for behind the scenes shots goes to Scenes from my Lunch Hour.

Photo credit for behind the scenes shots goes to Scenes from my Lunch Hour.

Check out even more photos of the shoot here at Scenes from my Lunch Hour.

1As the editor is fond of saying, tell me how long you are going to live and I will agree that your age has become relevant.
2These photos are from our collaborating partners at Scenes from my Lunch Hour.
3The effort and ideas for hair were so spectacular we have a whole separate article pending about the amazing stylists, Goldman and Pezzimenti, and their upcoming endeavours.

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The preview looks amazing!! We can't wait to see all of it. Thank You so much for featuring our product <3 Visit our website for more info: Gypsy-Witch.com and join our facebook.com/TheGypsyWitch to stay updated on our up coming events. Hopefully more collaborations to come!!
dtownMARKET is so thrilled to have our friends, the Gypsy Witch Collective, working with our other friends at Clarion Content!!! Everything looks fantastic.
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