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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fashion Drive-by #4, Secret Gardens 

The idea of a secret kept, a story or a memory or a place that no one else knows, can seem a romantic, aged idea in our era of omnipresence. This Spring, for our fourth Clarion Content Fashion Drive-by, we chanced to channel the idea at the core of all those old clever children’s stories we think of when the nights stay warm, and fireflies slowly make their way back out for the summer: The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s Web and even Alice and her rabbit hole… Like so many do, we felt an almost subconscious, pressing need to get away from the hurly-burly rush of every day life. To ensconce ourselves in the safety and privacy of a secret place, lucky for us, Durham has a bevy of such hidden gems.

To highlight this sense of freedom and getting away from our cares and worries, we attempted to gaze through the eyes of teenagers, the time when, more so than ever again, a new wardrobe can literally change your life. Our Spring Fashion Drive-by is built around the pastel tones that this season we’re seeing all over runways, fingernails, eye shadow pallets, and accessories. The lady’s wardrobe was provided by Dolly’s Vintage, one of Durham’s top spots for great quality, classic and timeless vintage at amazing prices. Dolly’s Vintage is rumored to have been visited recently by designers from Victoria’s Secret, who stopped and picked up tons of pieces for inspiration.

Stylist Angela Goodman created the fashion forward and fairy tale ready hairstyles seen on models, with makeup and wardrobe styling by Cady Childs. Our ethereal vision set in some of Trinity Park’s fabulous private gardens, features some of this season’s best trends. The photos were captured by Jessi Blakely, the Clarion Content’s lead photographer.

Dream a little dream...

Weaving time in a tapestry...

Every day it's a gettin closer...

Where in Trinity Park you say?
The three shots above come from where we started our secret garden adventure, at what is affectionately known in Durham circles as "The Pink Castle." It is one of the 'Faculty Row' houses built by Trinity College in 1891. According to our friends at Open Durham.org they were orignally built on campus. But, "The Pink Castle' which is formally known as The Crowell House, was moved intact from the campus to Watts Street in 1916. Open Durham notes three other 'Faculty Row' houses were also moved. Read more here.

A photo of the pink castle aka The Crowell House snapped by an amateur photog.

From Watts Street to Markham
Our second house was host to a wedding in its garden only last month, mere weeks after our shoot. The Ralph and Lucile Rogers House on Markham Avenue was built in 1935. Ralph Rogers succeeded his father as owner and pharmacist of the Rogers Drug Company. He also served Durham on the Downtown Commission in the 1960s. Open Durham reports he relocated to West Markham from a more modest abode at #405 Oakwood Avenue.

If you knew Time as well as I do...

It's always tea-time...

Have you guessed the riddle yet?

See even more photos from this fabulous shoot in Trinity Park's Secret Gardens at our Fashion Drive-by Art Event, tonight, Saturday, May 19th, 5.30pm-9pm, at the Cordoba Center for the Arts, "The Platform,", #923 Franklin Street, Durham.

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