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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Durham Dodgeball 

Word on the street is that there is a Durham adult Dodgeball1 league starting this month. There is a free exhibition game, open to all, next Wednesday the 15th, with the real games starting, Wednesday, August 22nd.

It is co-ed and twenty-one plus. Our old friends at Devine's Sports Bar2 are sponsoring the after parties. There is no head hunting allowed, before after or during games.

1Dodgeball is just that hip kind of Durham thing; but don't worry, you won't get sent to the principal's office like the LiLa guys.

2Devine's is a Durham institution. It has been on Main Street so long that the owner, Gene Devine, has pictures of himself in front of the building with Steve Spurrier, when Spurrier was coaching Duke. A low-profile, no-frills watering hole, it is the Clarion Content's favorite Durham bar to watch baseball...and right at the top of the list of places to catch a Duke game, too.

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