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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fullsteam Brewery, 2nd Anniversary 

The Clarion Content was just waxing nostalgic to some friends about the best flash mob we have ever participated in Durham. The great Durham Squirt Gun fight of 2010. It was organized by Flywheel Design.

Super fun!!!

See pictures and read about it here.

Well, no sooner had we had that conversation, then, lo and behold, we hear that Fullsteam Brewery and MotorCo Music Hall are bringing it back!

That's right, this Saturday, as part of Fullsteam Brewery's 2nd anniversary party, there will be a flash mob squirt gun fight at precisely 6.14pm Eastern Standard Time.

Water gun showdown cancelled out of respect for the victims of recent tragedies.

Second anniversary party is still on!

Featuring lawn games, live music, Food Trucks, rare Fullsteam brews, Carolina Shandies, cupcakes and ice cream. Southern finery encouraged.

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