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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love/Hate, Private/Public, Inside/Outside, Gay/Straight: LGBTQ Art in North Carolina 

"Love/Hate, Private/Public, Inside/Outside, Gay/Straight: LGBTQ Art in North Carolina" is open in the Durham Arts Place, Upstairs Gallery, #305 East Chapel Hill Street, inside the downtown loop. This fabulous little gallery is usually by appointment only, call 1.919.491.4625.

This week the gallery will be hosting a free opening reception for the show, Friday August 17th from 5pm---11pm as a part of downtown Durham’s Third Friday gallery tour.

The exhibit brings together artwork made by queer people across the spectrum of North Carolina. It is an examination of the complexities of identity and cultural expression through the work of over forty artists. A diverse range of works will be shown, filling the gallery floor-to-ceiling. The exhibition brings LGBTQ art out of the closet and into the public sphere for a riotous celebration of queer life and culture.

It is co-curated by Jennie Carlisle and Lindsay Gordon.

Works range from the campy to the serious. Images of the body as a locus of identity and desire comprise one major theme of the show. In his painting "Wrestling with it" Chad Hughes, features a man "wrestling" with an inner demon given physical form. EJ Greaves and Shay Adams (now deceased) provide gently humorous self- portraits, and Caroline Vaughn’s photograph of a couple supporting their nursing child shares a tender moment of family intimacy and motherhood.

Another major theme to emerge from the open call is that of a queer engagement with Judeo-Christian narratives and visual traditions. Look for photographer Gray Swartzel provocative contemporary reading of the sacrifice of Isaac, Genesis 22:2; Kelly Cross’s two painted portraits titled "Adam" and "Steve" and Jill Moffett’s mixed media "Mothers and Child" as a holy family, among others.

The featured artists include Steven H. "Shay" Adams, Jeffrey Beam, Justin Branch, Laura Brightwood, Lisa Rose Asher Campbell, Jen Coons, Leslie W. Cothren, Reid Coyner, Kelly Cross, Carolyn Davis, Matt DeBellis, Justin Gayliard, Galia Goodman, Heather Gordon, EJ Greaves, Robin Harviel, Paul Hrusovksky, Chad Hughes, Steve Kalstrup, Benjamin Keaton, Stacey L. Kirby, Jen Kirkpatrick, Lizzie Lange, Robert MacNeill, Eric Martin, Cyndi McKnight, Jill C. Moffett, Leigh Moose, Bob Nocek, Matthias Pressley, Chuck Rose, Rebecca Rousseau, Tim Simkin, Albert Stapleton, Gray Swartzel, Matt Tomko, Sara R. Toothman, Whitney Vaughan, Jason Watson, Angela Yarber, and Susanne Zadeh.

The show runs through September 30th.

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