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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Doggie miracles 

Miracles small and large happen every day. Sometimes in the media the tendency is to focus on the negative, the sensationally bad, the awful spectacle.1 Today we bring you one from the opposite side of the proverbial ledger, a dog channeling his inner feline, finding one of his nine lives, landing on his feet.

The Burlington-Bristol Bridge

The story comes to us from Burlington, New Jersey. Brandi the beagle slipped out of her collar and away from owner on an evening walk. Missing for hours, she was spotted by surveillance cameras, all alone and ears flopping, jogging up the Jersey side of the the Burlington-Bristol Bridge about 10.15pm. Vehicles swerve to avoid her. A carload of teens stop. They to try to help the dog, to coax it to go with them. But instead, Brandi bolts and leaps off and over the side of the six story bridge.

But here's the thing, this dog is part cat or it wasn't her day, or something. Because she walked away without a scratch. You see the bridge picture up there, right? Dog went off the side of that and didn't break a bone.

WPVI News reports, "Bridge Commission Police thought Brandi was a goner. "Poor dog," said Sergeant Ray Warmkessel. "She's going to be dead. Then we went down underneath the bridge and here's the dog walking along the beach. I couldn't believe it."

Read the whole story and watch the footage here.

1The capitalist imperative plays a large role in this coverage slant, in a cycle that flows between eyeballs, ads and revenue.

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