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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tweets of the week, late September 

We think of these little slices of Twitter as our... Tweets of the week.

Real quotes from real tweeters. We love to peak behind the curtain and into the lives of folks we hardly know. Some of these Tweets are PG-13 or even R. All of them keep it real. Easily offended, click here.

All spelling is that of original authors.

Every dinner ends in either tears or screams. #sotiredofthis---VS

You look so much sexier if you're looking at a book or a newspaper or a magazine rather than a phone or computer screen.---BM

Clean your apartment=feel immediately 40% better about your life-WARNING: this feeling is temporary-like the state of your newly cleaned apt---EM

I swear karma is stronger in the mountains.---SP

Swag is for boys. Class is for men.---CB

Pills change a person---MB

Vaginas are the original Hot Pocket.---KO

The cats have reached a silent agreement that it's 20 degrees cooler at night, so they'll all be staying home, thank you---BF

super rich kids with nothin but loose ends, super rich kids with nothin but fake friends--RJ

High school is mosty about emotions.#JustBeingReal---CB

With the cost of college today, I just couldn't recommend film school to anyone. Use that money to bribe a studio exec instead.---JK

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