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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Makery debuts tomorrow 

A new, Durham based, business run by three sisters, The Makery, is set to debut tomorrow. The Makery is sales platform. It is an attempt to connect local shoppers with local artists and artisans.1 They want to make it even easier to buy handmade.

If the reaction to their launch party, held at Mercury Studios Friday night, is any indication, Durham is behind them. The place was packed wall to wall with supporters; artists, friends and locals, all came out on a Durham Art Walk night.

The Makery's platform provides a collective venue for artists to get their name and their work in front of the public. The Makery provides a valuable service. The idea is to take away some of the logistical difficulties and associated headaches with marketing and selling one's own work.

The Clarion Content is a proponent from a philosophical standpoint. We are always in favor of someone other than the artist being the pitch person for the artist's work. We believe that a strictly sales based focus, for the artist his or her self, slowly annihilates the work.2

The Makery exists to play that role, between the artists and the cold, cruel, capitalist world. At first, they are just inviting a select number of early adopters, connoisseur, artists, bon vivants and handmade lovers to be founding members of the community. Invitations are available here.

1Some of have classed them a local Etsy, but because they also help with marketing and consulting support, they are even more comprehensive than a massive entity like Etsy.

2See Warhol or Hirst, whom are no more artists than Ford's and General Motors' engineers or the folks writing TV ads, applying the appellation artist to such snake oil salesmen voids the word of meaning and bespeaks of the cultural morass the American Empire has become.

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