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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tweets of the week, early September 

Little slices of Twitter... Our Tweets of the week.

Real quotes from real tweeters. We love to peak behind the curtain and into the lives of folks we hardly know. Some of these Tweets are PG-13 or even R. All of them keep it real. Easily offended, click here.

All spelling is that of original authors.

People suck. Why can't everyone just be dogs---S

Bros over hoes. Not bros over your girlfriend.---JM

Wish I had long skinny legs instead of muscular---MS

If only my dad was proud---DC

I'm a girl... don't touch my hair, face, phone, or boyfriend.---BD

I freaking hate depending on my mom for a ride #noplans---JS

The problem is I care way too much about people who don't give a shit about me---KB

"Applying Vodka to your face tightens pores and reduces risk of acne breakouts" no dad I swear the smirnoff is my facewash---NA

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