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Thursday, September 13, 2012

What you need to know about the new iPhone 5! 

Special to the Clarion Content from guest columnist, Neil Berman, Helper-in-Chief at TheONbutton Computer and Technology Services.

The new iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order on September 14. Here's what you need to know about Apple's latest iPhone:

Weight loss challenge

The iPhone 5 is lighter than the 4S while offering more battery life. Expect the iPhone 5 to look shinier than the 4S due to the new manufacturing techniques used in its glass and metal construction.

I can see clearly now

The screen on the iPhone 5 has grown to 4 inches compared to 3.5 inches on the 4S. It's still a retina screen, which means unmatched text and image precision.


The main brain of the iPhone 5 is twice as fast as that of the 4S, so it should react faster to your finger presses.

Speaking of snapping...

The rear camera has been improved and the front facing camera now offers HD video capture for more detailed FaceTime calls.

Dock connector

As expected, the iPhone 5 has a new dock connector. It can be conneted to older 30 pin iPhone and iPad accessories using an adapter. Dedicated iPhone 5 accessories, like speaker docks, are likely to hit the shelves in time for the Holiday Season.

Listen up!

Earbud are out, earpods are in. Apple has redesigned its famous white headphones to make them more comfortable.

Cell networks

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will all get the iPhone 5, and it will now offer 4G LTE data speeds where available.

I'm reaching for my wallet...what's the damage?

The iPhone 5 ranges from $199 to $399 depending on storage capacity. The 4S will drop to $99 and the 4 will be free. The 3GS is history. All prices are based on a new two-year contract.

How do I get one?

Pre-orders in the US for the iPhone 5 start on Friday September 14 and the first batch should be delivered on September 21, which is when the iPhone 5 will be available in stores.
Click here to read the original article at TheONbutton.
Neil Berman, Helper-in-Chief, TheONbutton


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