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Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Spectives" by Jim Lee 

"Spectives" is all about looking. Artist Jim Lee says, "It is about looking back, looking forward, looking inward, looking closely, looking from a distance, and looking with respect. Mostly, though, it is about sharing some of the ways I see. It is two dimensional and three dimensional, all in the same space.

The exhibit will feature a wide range of new and old works including a reappearance of the Elusive Rock Nest Monster from the National Cryptozoologic Museum. Lots of new work including some never-seen-before sculptures and images from my "Time at the Tracks" series plus some new nature photographs, mostly from the local beaver marsh or my own yard. Close to home but nonetheless mysterious."

The Carrack Modern Art will host "Spectives" from November 26th and December 6th. Jim Lee will host a gallery talk on Tuesday, December 4th, from 7pm---8.30pm.

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