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Monday, December 03, 2012

TUT... a note from the Universe 

Sometimes even your hardened Clarion Content editor is a sucker for sentiment. We have been working with an amazing life coach for the last two months, she is our partner and we are the grateful beneficiaries of her advice. We all need a little pick me up. And one doesn't have to wait until things are in crisis mode.

To that end, our dear friend, and life coach, Bonnie Cohen, introduced yours truly to a little thing called, TUT... a note from the Universe. TUT, the brainchild of Mike Dooley, stands for "totally unique thoughts." They are little, customized notes of inspiration emailed to all who sign up for the service. Sort of the opposite of Post Secret, rather than letting go your own personal demons via anonymously sending a confession out to the Universe, the Universe will anonymously send you a bit of positivity to get you through the day.

Our inner cynic alarms started buzzing immediately, the Universe is going to send me personalized daily happiness messages?? C'mon. But you know what? You read a few of'em, and you feel a little better, and then you realize it only took a minute or two. Cynic in retreat. It was so low maintenance.

Hey, what's not to like?

This may be how Dooley has gone from thirty-eight initial subscribers to just north of 450,000 today.

Read a couple good TUTs reposted by fans of the site here and here.

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