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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two fun football links 

We know it is the off-season for the NFL and even with the NBA playoffs, some terrific early season baseball, golf, hockey, NASCAR, etc. John Q. Public is jonesing for some football. Well here at the Clarion Content, we feel ya, and we have two cool football links for you.

Link one is seventy-four amazing photographs from the Florida Sun-Sentinel
. Monday the Miami Caliente, South Florida's team in the Lingerie Football League, held its first minicamp. Brilliant. The action shots of these ladies catching passes and hitting tackling dummies are unbelievable.

The next one, in an effort to keep real, is from the opposite side, another perspective. It was forwarded our way by one of our Ohio readers. The site is called Women Against Fantasy Sports. It features tips for surviving football season with a fantasy obsessed spouse. It also has a glossary of terms for the uninitiated. And it has an apparel section featuring such gems as the panties that say, "Closed for fantasy season." Brutal.

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