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Monday, June 01, 2009

Say no to the Empire 

A local Durham guest columnist examines the possibilities of Notre Dame playing college football in the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

"Say no to the Empire"

The New York Yankees and the University of Notre Dame football program, two athletic clubs who have strugged in recent years by the lofty standards of their history, are in initial talks to hold football games at the new Yankee Stadium according to the New York Times.

Many epic football games were played in the old stadium. And with the Yankees seeking to maximize revenue from the new stadium; the country's most popular sport may help them do just that.

Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame's first year AD, told the New York Times that Notre Dame’s 35-13 victory against Army at West Point in 1913 is considered the most important in the program’s history. He said he was trying to plan around significant anniversary games and that he would love to have the 100th anniversary of that game played at Yankee Stadium. Swarbrick also said the Yankees may be inclined to hold college football at the Stadium before 2013, and if that is the case, he would like the Irish to be part of the debut.

Neither the Yankees nor Notre Dame have made official statements.

Could this finally fill the "luxury ring" on the first tier of the stadium? Only time will tell.

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