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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Et tu, Indians? 

It doesn't look so bad...

On a night when the forty-five year long championship drought of the city of Cleveland was extended by the Orlando Magic, the Indians dropped another game to the Yankees. This one probably hurt a little bit more because it came with former Indian's ace, C.C. Sabathia on the mound pitching for the Yankees.

Sabathia made $89 million more this off-season than the Indians offered him in an extension last year. (Sabathia was traded to Milwaukee after refusing the Indians deal.) It had to be tough to swallow, Sabathia pitching for four and one-third no hit innings to start the game, while the Cavs were getting blown out.

What is the matter with Cleveland Coach Mike Brown? The Clarion Content has long contended that he is an idiot surfing the wave of Lebron James mad skills. How many times did the Cavaliers have to get beasted by the same plays in the same ways and he still didn't adjust!!! How many people, earning far less per annum, knew that the Cavs one chance at this point was to go small and play LeBron at the four? There are sloths that cover more ground than the Cavs centers Ilgauskas and Ben Wallace? Why are they chasing Rashard Lewis and Turkoglu around the perimeter? LeBron didn't stick around to discuss after Game 6.

Perhaps he was grabbing his Yankees cap and heading for the Jake where the Indians season appears all but over as well. The spectacular Victor Martinez is hobbling and poor Grady Sizemore can hardly swing with his hyper-extended elbow. How long before this generation of stars leaves Cleveland in the rear view mirror?

Sorry, Ohio.

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I'm stabbing my eyes out with a spoon.
I genuinely sympathize. I definitely would have rooted for the Cavs over the Lakers in the Finals.
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