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Friday, May 29, 2009


When does, "He had a triple-double," not say it all about a players performance?

Last night we saw an example. LeBron James was actually more dominant than his stunning 37 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists let on. At the critical juncture of the game the Cavs went to their patented "Okay everybody else standstill and clear out for LeBron" offense. James responded by winning the game 1 on 5. It was a phenomenal performance.

The Clarion Content has long said LeBron James is an even better passer than he is a shooter. Last night he demonstrated not only that, but his fiercely competitive will to win. During that critical stretch when his coach, bereft of ideas, called no plays, LeBron scored or assisted on 32 straight points, including the first 28 of the 4th quarter. The signature moment came with 2.47 left on the clock and the Cavs clinging to a two possession lead. James drove the lane, again drew triple and then quadruple coverage, LeBron made a brilliant wrap around pass through heavy traffic to Sideshow Bob Varejao who missed an uncontested point-blank dunk careening it off the back of the rim. What did James do? Chased down the offensive board, made the putback and one!

Imagine if this man had a decent supporting cast and a good coach.

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