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Monday, June 01, 2009

Time wasting game 

So perhaps you have noticed, dear readers, that we at the Clarion Content change the banner pictures over our "New Posts in the Sections" feature. We use "New Posts in the Sections" as a topical aggregator where you can find headlines with embedded links to our posts.

These pictures are supposed to signal whether or not there is new material in the section. If the banner picture is the same as the last time you looked, then there is no new Content in that section. If the banner picture has changed, then new Content has been posted to that section. These banner pictures rarely relate to the content in a direct way. We use the pictures accompanying the actual post for that role. These shots are for sensory entertainment. They are stretched horizontally to approximately 300 by 50. We always come up with these images through the Google Image search page.

We thought it might be a fun game, read: time waster, for you to get to guess at what words we searched to generate the image.

So for example if the banner was

Politics and Policy

You would guess that we searched...

scroll down

If you said

"head gear"

You would have been correct!!!

We will post a link at the bottom of each "New Posts in the Sections" feature with the answers as well as links to the original sites where we found the pictures.

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