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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rapid Fire Reaction 

A few quick thoughts from the Sports Editor having just watched the Tennessee Titans fall to 0-3 at the surprising New York Jets. As you know if you read the Clarion Content's AFC preview we didn't buy into the Jets and rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has the limitations you might expect of green rookie, the Jets missed their last nine third down conversion attempts. The Jets defense is stout. They are built around solid linebackers, led by Bart Scott and David Harris. They have all world might-mite safety Jim Leonhard, and a great scheme. With Kris Jenkins still healthy and playing at nose tackle, they are a dominating bunch especially at home where the deafening crowd sounds like a college stadium.

The long overrated Kerry Collins wasn't up to the task for the Titans. The play calling, influenced by trailing throughout the fourth quarter, negated one of Tennessee's best players super quick running back Kris Johnson. Collins was incomplete on his last thirteen pass attempts (to be fair there were a couple drops). He looked like a statue getting demolished by a bulldozer against the Jets blitz. Tennessee deep behind the eight ball, out of the gate 0-3, all three losses in conference, needs to give some thought to going to Vince Young (as we Twittered during the game).

*Just a sidenote, it was an awful abuse of its monopoly by the NFL and their partner Fox Sports to deny the city of Detroit the opportunity to watch their team's first victory in two years. The game was blacked-out on local television, in a city with 30% plus unemployment, because they did not sell out the game tickets. Sport's greed will yet be visited by comeuppance.

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