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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Heiress App-arent? 

LA has never competed with Silicon Valley for dominance in the tech sphere. Which is why this LA-centered news is so puzzling. Apparently Lisa Brennan-Jobs, long denied daughter of Tech-God Steve Jobs briefly involved herself in Frequency, an LA startup that developed a video app for iPads. Given Lisa's potential connections to Apple itself, one wonders why she didn't just work with the Apple Mother Ship if she was interested in developing new software. Perhaps she took on this project to prove something to her deceased father? Perhaps she did it to claim some kind of family legacy?

Whatever the reason, it seems to contradict the little that we know of her. Take this account from Apple Insider:
When asked why she didn't follow Jobs' footsteps and pursue a field in computer science, Brennan-Jobs said that her father was lucky to have found something he truly loved that he could do 24 hours a day. She adds that Jobs dissuaded his children from entering the computer field because he saw that they were more multi-faceted, where Apple was a more "one-dimensional" endeavor for him.

"So he encouraged us to follow our dreams, [and] I had big shoes to fill if I wanted to go into science," Brennan-Jobs quips.
Perhaps this was something Lisa felt she needed to get out of her system. Perhaps she felt that this sort of intellectual exploration would lead her to learn more about herself. Perhaps this was a lark inspired by LA-based friends of Lisa's and her role wasn't particularly critical. Who knows? But, for the time being, Apple fans have a new Jobs-inspired toy they can look forward to.

Download Link here-- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/frequency/id465034728

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