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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fashion Drive-By #3: Date places 

At the Clarion Content, we have always wondered whether Valentine's Day was situated where it is on the calendar, because on February 14th, Spring, the season of love and fertility, is still six long weeks away (less obviously so in the temperatures of the post-global warming era).

Men pine for ladies all year long. No seasonal excuses needed.

This Valentine's Day, we shot our Fashion Drive-by #3 in two of Durham's finer establishments for meeting and greeting, wining and dining. If you already have a date, you could hardly do better than to bring her to one of these swank lounges. If not, well, we can't promise you that you will meet somebody this beautiful, but, we will give you gentlemen a few wishes to build a dream on.

Our fashion partner for these gorgeous photos was Fifi's of Durham located at #1000 West Main Street. Their super selection of resale designer and name brand apparel for women combined with eyes and sensibilities of the Clarion Content team to make magic. Right down to the shoes!

The Clarion Content's phenomenal fashion and pop culture guru, Cady Childs, styled and made-up the models, as well as, hand-selected their outfits. Necklaces were provided by Tammi Floccare. All of the photos were shot by Jessi Blakely.

And, of course, we thank our models: Catherine Howard, Sara Stevens, Tracy Gill and Cady Childs. Ladies, your beauty makes us look good.

First at: Six Plates Wine Bar



Six Plates Wine Bar, located at 2812 Erwin Road, is tucked nonchalantly into one of the anonymous modern buildings that line the west side of the street as it winds south away from the main Duke Hospital complex. If you didn't know, you would never know what lies behind the glamorous red curtain shielding the door. Plush seats, sumptuous spots and mirrors abound. The concept: six tapas-sized portions, perfectly paired with six glasses a wine, custom selected for your dining pleasure.

And what a pleasure it is...

Then at: The Whiskey Bar


The Whiskey Bar is located prominently inside the downtown loop at Durham's Five Points intersection. Its classic neon sign and big windows, foreshadow the elegant film noir stylings found inside. Nary a detail is missed, from luxurious couches and chairs, to the bartenders garb, and the view through the huge windows out towards the Durham Arts Council and beyond, it is first class all the way.


So we wish you a Happy Valentines Day. We hope the season finds you warm and well.

We leave you with two final images. And couple of links below to take you to even more, as Winter disappears in the rearview mirror...

Keep an eye out for our next Fashion Drive-by, Spring, shot in Durham's Secret Gardens.

See accessories close-ups here.

See even more photos here.

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Thank you so much to Fifi's, Six Plates, and Whiskey! What great businesses to collaborate with.
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