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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brokered Convention 

For those of you, dear readers, who are following the ugly Betty contest that is the Republican Presidential nomination race, we wanted to weigh-in again.

Wet, lame and dangerous is how these three are perceived.1

Do not believe for a moment that former Pennsylvania Senator, Rick Santorum, is going to win the nomination.2

When pigs fly!

The triple loss by bumbling frontrunner, former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri signaled dissatisfaction with his milquetoast campaign rather than a surge for Santorum. This is a race that none of the above would be winning right now. More evidence for that argument appeared this week, when Romney barely eked out a win in Maine3 over Representative Ron Paul.

Santorum's wins and Ron Paul's close calls are signs of the Republican party's overall distaste for the field of candidates. And it is not just the party's elite that don't like the candidates, the rank file, especially Tea Partiers and Evangelicals, are not buying Rommey, who got so twisted up trying to claim the social conservative mantle last week, he ended up calling himself "severely conservative."

That's not exactly in the positive lexicon there, Governor! As many have pointed out "severely" is most often paired with words like "depressed," "ill," and "damaged."

Which would be far out, if the Governor had morphed into a teenage Valley girl. Instead, he, once again, simply sounded foolish. The Clarion Content continues to believe that this year offers the best chance of a brokered convention, and for a last minute candidate coming off the sidelines, that we have seen in generations.

The favorites to emerge, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan or the next Bush king, the lordly regent of the State of Florida, Jeb.

Keep your eyes peeled, if Governor Romney loses Michigan's primary, even the mainstream media's dunderheads will know the race is wide open.

Notes and Jibes
1In that order, Santorum is all wet, Romney is lame, and Paul is...

2Santorum is simply too socially conservative to win a national election, and the party's elites know it.

3Maine, which we would say borders Governor Romney's home state, except that he is such a carpetbagger, it is hard to declare anywhere his home state, was a "bad" win by less than 200 votes over Paul. He is about to get whomped this week in Michigan where he grew up silver spoon in hand, scion to his father, the governor.

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Tweedle dum, tweedly dee.... whatever emerges from this party of lunatics represents stone age dogma, racism, and absolute hypocrisy. Plus beware women, men, and beings from outer space. They want to control what you do with your bodies. The only folks they care about are their version of people, otherwise known as corporations and billionaires.
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