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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vote no on Amendment One 

The Clarion Content's editorial staff is opposed to Amendment One. We support the liberty and freedom of our friends and neighbors to marry whom they please without government intervention.1 At the core of the American social contract is the freedom, within very large bounds, for each citizen to choose our own way of living.

We are once again enamored with Durham. This time it is our peoples approach to campaigning against Amendment One. The suave photo below is a from a VoteAgainst.org event held at Fullsteam Brewery. Seven supporters are pictured, including the Clarion Content's own Jessica Arden2 along with her sis, Amy Blakely and Kelly Clark, both Clarion Content Fashion Drive-by models.

The funny Durham-centric story about this photo is that Jessi had to dash across the street to Fullsteam from the LiLa3 video premier of Heart to Heart at MotorCo. Of course the vid is Durham themed and shot at the Durham School of the Arts to boot.

If you are new to this town, can you see how we end up marrying ourselves?!? We love it.4

Check out VoteAgainst.org's campaign here. Very cool. Lots of familiar faces.

Early voting is already open. Here is a list of places you can vote.

1Obviously, the State has an obligation and the power to say there cannot be adults marrying minors, nor people whom are immediate blood relatives getting married.

2aka Jessica Blakely

3Rollicking Durham based band.

4We frequently tell new Durhamanians that this town has only two and a half degrees of separation.


Did you see the one of me and little dog?
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