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Monday, June 11, 2012

A-Rod's off year 

Alex Rodriguez is having an off year. Rumors abound that his body is breaking down. While the statistics might lie a bit, the raw figures don't look good.

And, it is not just the power numbers, although, those are abysmal as well. The story is told in his career 162 game averages, the one's which brought him his $30 million a year contract, versus this season's projected numbers.

This is the face the guy who scratches the checks should be making...

Career over 162, A-Rod averages 42 hrs and more than 120 runs scored and 120 runs batted in.

This season in a projected 159 games, he is on pace for 25 hrs, 88 runs scored and 66 runs batted in.

Over career 162: 187 hits and 33 doubles.

This year: 162 hits and only 14 two-baggers.

Over career 162: .564 slugging

This year: .427 slugging


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