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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

from the Fashion Drive-by Art Show 

The Clarion Content hosted a fabulous party last weekend to celebrate a year of our Fashion Drive-by photography in Durham. The Cordoba Center of the Arts new location, The Platform1, played host to the amazing work of the Clarion Content team and lead photographer Jessi Blakely.

As many of you know, we spent a year looking at the high and low contrasts of Durham. How can the same Durham that other members of the Triangle area defame be the artistic cultural center that outsiders are positioning as the new Brooklyn or Austin?

There is a kernel of truth in most stereotypes somewhere, and the facts remain, as we have stated many times, Durham could not be what it is, without having been what it was. The cultural melting pot that is burbling and artistic flowering that is blooming in Durham never could have happened in the plastic strip malls of Cary. Our brick city, and its cultural stalwarts, maintained through an era of blight. We are the beneficiaries.2

The Clarion Content is extremely grateful to Danielle Riley who took these photos of our event. It was as much fun as it looks like, maybe more.

See you next time??

Chinese lanterns, a Cady Childs inspiration
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

The star of the show, Jessi Blakely aka Jessica Arden
....................................And from the Cordoba Center of the Arts; Mr. Julio Cordoba

Photo credit left, Danielle Riley; Photo credit right, Jessi Blakely

A full, fun-filled room of Durham glitterati
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

RoSean Alexander of LiLa takes in the art
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

Jen and Dain of Dain's Place
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

One of the Secret Gardens' models
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

A triumph for Jessi Blakely and the Clarion Content team
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

Our publisher with local bon vivant and sculptor, Jackie MacLeod
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

Tony Waldron3 who brilliantly painted the door of The Platform
Photo credit, Danielle Riley

See even more photos here.

1A cast of many hands helped us decorate the space under the direction of the inspired Cady Childs. The before pictures tell the tale.
2This legacy is part of why The Platform was such a perfect space to hold the show.
3Full length feature on Mr. Waldron coming soon.

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