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Monday, September 10, 2012

Birth of a Harpsichord 

When we tell you there is so much amazing stuff happening in Durham that is hard to keep up with, we are not fronting. It is for real. Did you know that the foremost harpsichordist in America, perhaps in the world, lives in Durham??

Yeah, neither did we, until we heard about her through one of the fascinating photographers we work with, Caperton Morton Andersson, gave us the down low. Elaine Funaro is bringing back the harpsichord, a classical Baroque era instrument, that had nearly fallen completely off of the map. She has performed the harpsichord at music festivals from Amsterdam to Bloomington.

In classic Durham-style, she has found a way to take her own amazing artistic oeuvre and collaborate. This is what and how we do. Watch this amazing video on the construction and custom hand-painting of a new instrument that was all the rage in the 17th century. Funaro and instrument craftsmen Richard Kingston worked with renown Durham painter, Lisa Creed, to make a musical instrument that is a functional work of art.

Oh and mad props to the creative animation of Andrea Georgia bringing this story to life.

Durham, for real, what more can we say?

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