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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It is all fun and games... 

Remember how the teacher used to say that? It is all fun and games until, usually the standard was, "until somebody loses an eye." Nobody ever lost an eye in my elementary school, but the concept was fairly well understood, "Quit f-ing around you damn kids or sh*t is gonna get serious."

This guy should have listened to the teacher, because he did worse than just losing an eye. Edward Archbold of West Palm Beach, Florida, took another one of those elementary school cliche's, "Give it to, Eddie, he'll eat anything..." too far last week and unfortunately died after eating "dozens of roaches and worms" in a four minute bug-eating contest, according to the Miami Herald.

The contest was sponsored by the Ben Siegal Reptile Store in Deerfield Beach, Floria. Archbold won, but the Broward County Sheriff's Office says before he could leave with his prize, a female Ivory Ball python, he began throwing up and then collapsed. The Sheriff’s Office is awaiting an autopsy report to determine what killed him. The Miami Herald quotes the pet store owner, "it wasn’t the food. Discoid roaches," store owner Siegel said, "are eaten by people all over the world."

The roaches served up at the contest were domestically raised. "They’re clean – raised for exotic pet feed," Siegel said. "We sell expensive animals, and these bugs are perfectly safe." The “Midnight Madness” bug contest had nearly thirty other contestant none of whom were sickened.

Sounds unpleasant nevertheless. Perhaps it was the shock or an allergic reaction? We never watch Fear Factor or its imitators, but this event just symbolizes the trickledown of reality tv culture.

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