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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Liberty Arts new bull and other musings 

The Clarion Content hears tell that there is a new bull in town. Liberty Arts artists, Mike Waller and Leah Foushee Waller, were the creators of the original Major the Bull.

Photo sourced from the Flicker Hive Mind.

Major is, of course, stationed in the plaza in front of the "Suntrust" building. We are hoping and campaigning for a name change to the plaza. It makes little sense for the City of Durham to continue to refer to it as "CCB Plaza" in its official literature and on the Convention and Visitors Bureau website. The bank that was CCB no longer exists. The building itself is actually known as the Hill Building. The terminology is dated and confusing. Google CCB and the Wikipedia disambiguation page lists over twenty-seven CCBs.

It is time for a change. The plaza needs to be renamed, "Major the Bull's Plaza" as befits the traditional legacy of our richly cultural city. Surely, we are not going to let the new hoteliers name our downtown Durham plaza.

The new Bull appearing at Liberty Arts this week is a creation of Greenville sculptor, Jonathan Bowling and Liberty Arts's Mike Waller. It is part of larger show by Bowling opening Friday, October 19th, called "City Farm." The bull is already on site and you can pop Liberty Arts space in the Cordoba Center for the Arts at #923 Franklin Street, behind Goldenbelt and just a hop, skip and a jump off of the Bull City Connector's free bus route.

Photo by our pal Jackie MacLoed.

Liberty Arts studio and workshop is an active bustling place. We had a friend tell us the other night, at The Carrack's fabulous Community Color auction, that he had attended one of the glassblowing classes recently and it was "amazing."1 Liberty Arts also offers classes in life casting, metal casting and metal working, too.

The "City Farm" exhibit, which has a free opening reception, Friday night, as part of Durham's 3rd Friday Art Walk, will feature other sculptural animal creations including a life-size horse, a hound, and a pig. And yes the rumors are true, the as yet unnamed bull does have horns even longer than Major's.

1True story about the glass blowing, but full disclosure, the Clarion Content does do promotional work for Liberty Arts.

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What you may not be aware of is this plaza was funded by the CCB Foundation, to the tune of about $400,000. This was part of the Downtown Durham Master Plan spearheaded by Downtown Durham Inc. The caveat was that it was to be named CCB Plaza. So that really IS the official name.

Shelly Green, President
Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau
Thank you so much for the official heads-up. We surely did not know. Was $400k for in perpetuity?
You might check with either The CCB Foundation or Bill Kalkhof at Downtown Durham, Inc. Either of them may know the answer to your question.
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