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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Community Color at The Carrack 

The Carrack Modern Art, the wonderful, zero commission, gallery space, that you read about so frequently in these pages having fabulous exhibitions, is holding a week long fundraiser.

According to The Carrack's press release, "Community Color celebrates just that: the colorful community of artists, art-lovers, supporters and visionary individuals in the Durham art community..."

In the past year, The Carrack has hosted twenty-four solo exhibits, ten group exhibits and four open call community shows, plus a huge range of cultural events including film, poetry, music, public readings and more.

The gift that this space and its owner-operators have given our community has immeasurably enriched us all.

Time to give back, Durham.

Their schedule of events for the week is as follows...

On October 5th, from 7pm-10pm... the Opening Reception for Community Color with DJ Mike B

On October 6th, all day, 10am-4pm... Create with the Carrack with live music by Anna Rose Beck, Jay Hammond and Scarlet Virgina

On October 7th, 12pm-5pm... the dtownMARKET will be at The Carrack with live music by Curtis Eller

On October 8th, 8pm... Orangutan Swing and The Carrack co-host "The State of Publishing" at Mercury Studio

On October 9th, at 6pm... The Carrack has booked a group tour of the historic renovations at #106 West Parrish Street

On October 10th, 7pm... The Carrack will host a site-specific dance performance by Alexis Mastromichalis

On October 11th, 7.30pm.... The Carrack will co-host a Poetry Showcase and Open Mic with Dasan Ahanu

On October 12th, 8pm... The Carrack will have live music with Jay Manley

And as a Grand Finale, on October 13th...

The Carrack will hold a "Gala and Art Auction" hosted by New York Times bestselling author and the founder of Duke's Center for Advanced Hindsight, Dan Ariely. Ariely will be hosting a special art auction flavored with his unique brand of behavioral economic insight. 100% of the auction proceeds will go towards funding The Carrack in 2013. The evening includes a fun interactive talk and demonstration on international auction practices.

Tickets available here.

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What a great cause! We love the Carrack. Can't wait to see all of these!
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