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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Untold Durham tonight 

The Clarion Content is delighted to have the opportunity to cover, "Untold Durham" tonight at the Carolina Theater with one of our fabulous cadre of photogs, BWPW Photography.

The Carolina Theater, circa 1949
Photo courtesy of Endangered Durham, naturally.

We are so excited to hear from the creator of Open Durham and Endangered Durham, Gary Kueber. He is such an amazing resource for our community. If you want to know about Durham's history and you have never visited Open Durham and Endangered Durham, click on these links immediately. There is a treasure trove of information.1

Careful, or like Alice falling down the proverbial rabbit hole, you will end up exploring for days.

These sites are not great just for the content Mr. Kueber posts, they are emblematic of some of the very best qualities of the internet, our collective intelligence. The comments section on many of these posts is priceless, the sharing of memory and story is an archive that has inestimable value for Durham.

So tonight, when Mr. Kueber, sponsored by the good folks at Preservation Durham, says he is going to bring to the table, "tales of the Bull City as never before..." we can only imagine the goodies.

Come one, come all. Tickets available here.

1This is the first place we turn when looking for photos or background on old school Durham.

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