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Thursday, June 28, 2012

NBA Draft Preview, part I 

NBA Mock Draft 2012: Picks 1-10

courtesy of: the East Side Perspective

As many of you know we have joined forces with the East Side Perspective, an up and coming sports and culture website published in Chapel Hill.

For even more sports articles from the East Side Perspective, check here. For music articles from the East Side Perspective check here.

We will be co-hosting a sports podcast with the co-founder of The Eastside Perspective, Matthew Creatore, this Fall, featuring plenty of special guest appearances.

The NBA Draft is now just hours away and the experts are starting to question, can the NBA's worst teams really alter their franchise by choosing a single draft gem? Every year - no matter the sport - we wonder if just one player can alter the the upcoming season and score a team the magical playoff berth. The teams in the NBA draft top 10 this season mostly are youthful and inexperienced or have lost major talent at some point during the past two seasons; they'll look to rebound tonight night. Here are The Eastside Perspective's projections for this year's NBA Draft.

Pick #1 - New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis - Kentucky
Pro - Shot blocking ability
Con - Offensive game (Relied heavily on alley oops and put-backs)

Pick #2 - Charlotte Bobcats - Thomas Robinson - Kansas
Pro - Rebounding Ability, Work Ethic
Con - Size (6' 9")

Pick #3 - Washington Wizards - Bradley Beal - Florida
Pro - Shooting Range
Con - Needs to learn to create his own jump shot via the dribble

Pick #4 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Kentucky
Pro - Size, Work Ethic, Gets easy shots at the rim, Defense
Con - Shooting, Ball Handling

Pick #5 - Sacramento Kings - Harrison Barnes - North Carolina
Pro - Shooting, Defense
Con - Inconsistency

Pick #6 - Portland Trailblazers - Damian Lillard - Weber State
Pro - Shooting, Scoring, FT Percentage
Con - Poor Ast:TO Ratio vs. poor college competition

Pick #7 - Golden State Warriors - Terrence Jones - Kentucky
Pro - Post Defense, Rebounding, Great Shooter for a big man
Con - Relies on his perimeter game too heavily at times

Pick #8 - Toronto Raptors - Austin Rivers - Duke
Pro - Shooting, Ball Handling, Speed and Agility
Con - Forces the issue at times

Pick #9 - Detroit Pistons - John Henson - North Carolina
Pro - Shot Blocking, 12-foot jump shot
Con - Steady not spectacular, FT Shooting

Pick#10 - New Orleans Hornets - Andre Drummond - UConn
Pro - Athleticism, Height
Con - Bust Potential, Lack of Production

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