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Thursday, June 28, 2012

NBA Draft Preview, part II 

NBA Mock Draft 2012: Picks 11-30

courtesy of: the East Side Perspective

As many of you know we have joined forces with the East Side Perspective, an up and coming sports and culture website published in Chapel Hill.

For even more sports articles from the East Side Perspective, check here.

These are The Eastside Perspective's projections for this year's NBA Draft.

If you missed Part I of their NBA Mock Draft 2012: Picks 1-10, check it out here.

2012 Draft Wildcard: The HOUSTON ROCKETS' Action Plan...

Pick#11 - Portland Trail Blazers - Tyler Zeller - North Carolina
Pro - Runs the floor, 8-foot turn around jump hook, Help defense
Con - Strength, Uses left hand well

Pick#12 - Milwaukee Bucks - Dion Waiters - Syracuse
Pro - Shooting, Speed, Length
Con - Undersized SG, Passing

Pick#13 - Phoenix Suns - Kendall Marshall - North Carolina
Pro - Passing, Court vision/Awareness
Con - 1-on-1 Defense

Pick#14 - Houston Rockets - Jeremy Lamb - Connecticut
Pro - 15-18 foot jump shot, Extreme upside potential
Con - Strength, undersized

Pick#15 - Philadelphia 76ers - Perry Jones III - Baylor
Pro - Size, Speed, Athleticism, Rebounding
Con - Emotional issues and Leadership abilities, Low-post skills

Pick#16 - Houston Rockets - Meyers Leonard - Illinois
Pro - Size, Speed, Athleticism, Unselfish
Con - Post skills, Inconsistent desire and motor

Pick#17 - Dallas Mavericks - Terrence Ross - Washington
Pro - Athleticism, Passing, Size
Con - Ball-handling, Defense

Pick#18 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Jared Sullinger - Ohio State
Pro - Post Offense, Strength, Rebounding ability
Con - Defense, Speed, Athleticism

Pick#19 - Orlando Magic - Arnett Moultrie - Mississippi State
Pro - Athleticism, Size, Offensive Post Up, Shot Blocking
Con - Defense in the Lane

Pick#20 - Denver Nuggets - Andrew Nicholson - St.Bonaventure
Pro - Jump Shot, Speed, Size
Con - Rebounding

Pick#21 - Boston Celtics - Moe Harkless - St. John's
Pro - Potential, Quick feet defensively
Con - Passing

Pick#22 - Boston Celtics - Royce White - Iowa State
Pro - Rebounding ability, Strength, Speed
Con - Jump Shot, Trouble with the law

Pick#23 - Atlanta Hawks - Tony Wroten - Washington
Pro - Passing, Size, Speed
Con - Jumper

Pick#24 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Quincy Miller - Baylor
Pro - Size, 12-15 foot jump shot
Con - Speed and Strength

Pick#25 - Memphis Grizzlies - Will Barton - Memphis
Pro - Ability to finish around the rim, Shooting from or near the perimeter
Con - Strength

Pick#26 - Indiana Pacers - John Jenkins - Vanderbilt
Pro - Shooting from beyond the perimeter, Brings leadership, Quick release
Con - Size, Defense

Pick#27 - Miami Heat - Festus Ezeli - Vanderbilt
Pro - Post Defense, strength
Con - Speed, Not much upside potential, Difficult name to pronounce

Pick#28 - Oklahoma City Thunder - Evan Fournier - France
Pro - Passing, Ball-handling, Size
Con - Athleticism

Pick#29 - Chicago Bulls - Doron Lamb - Kentucky
Pro - Spot-up shooting
Con - Size, Potential

Pick#30 - Golden State Warriors - Draymond Green - Michigan St.
Pro - Intangibles-game (Somehow it works REALLY well!), Leadership, Rebounding ability
Con - Future potential, Size

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