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Friday, October 19, 2012

Craven Allen hosts Watts-Hillandale 10th Anniversary 

The Craven Allen Gallery at 1106.5 Broad Street hosts a celebration of art, opening this Friday for the Watts-Hillandale neighborhood's 10th Anniversary Art Walk, in conjunction with Durham's 3rd Friday Art Walk.

Meredith Emmett's "Icebreaker" oil on canvas

The gallery is located in the historic Watts-Hillandale neighborhood. The art walk takes place November 4th. The art walk will feature more than forty artists in a panoply of mediums.

It also enables folks to get a closer look at the delightful Arts and Crafts style homes that dot the neighborhood, most of them built from the 1910's through the 1940's. Likely some of the fabulous Halloween decorations that line Club Boulevard this year will still be hanging around and about.

If you want a little teaser look at Watts-Hillandale, check out some of the photos of Art Walk years past on the Clarion Content. If you want an in depth look at Watts-Hillandale, follow this link to Open Durham.

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