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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion Drive-by: Damsels and the Laww-preview 

Fans, the Clarion Content team just shot our latest Fashion Drive-by, Monday, led by photographer Jessi Blakely of Jessica Arden Photography and our Creative Director, Cady Childs. We were fortunate enough to shoot with two fabulous models, Angela Goldman and Kara Pezzimenti, along with a special guest, Durham hip-hop star, The Real Laww.

Jessica Blakely shoots The Real Laww
Photo credit Tom Berhendt

Creative Director, Cady Childs, designed and created the ladies' style, for her clothing line, First Edition, which received such raves at the Durham fashion show, reFASHIONED.

Inspired by old black white movie visions of damsels in distress, but wanting to flip the patriarchal script on its head, the Clarion Content team set out. The spooky late afternoon light was perfect. Halloween and Fall felt right around the corner.

We strove to highlight, as we always do in our Fashion Drive-by's, how ephemeral and constructed the line is between high and low culture, safe and unsafe Durham. We want to take familiar scenes of Durham and re-envision them. We want to use real people as models. We want to shoot them in affordable fashions. We want to surprise you with what you will see, if you take a second look.

The teaser shots are coming soon, all photos were taken either at The Cordoba Center for the Arts in the Goldenbelt Complex or along the Fayetteville Road-Elizabeth Street corridor.

For a second look at some of our previous Fashion Drive-by projects shot on location in the secret gardens of Trinity Park, inside some of our fabulous night spots, in Watts-Hillandale, in Lakewood and on the Bull City Connector, click here. (and scroll down)

Photographer Jessi Blakely of Jessica Arden Photography, Creative Director, Cady Childs and the Clarion Content's Fashion Drive-by prints and framed photographs are for sale here.

They are also currently on display in the Lars Oliver Salon at the West Village, 604 Morgan Street.

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