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Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Clarion Content detests the foreign policy debate. It is the debate that feels most like both candidates are consistently posturing. In the other debates, one or the other side squirms, and offers the politically correct response, sidling toward the middle, saying what they think the country wants to hear, but differences are at least discernible. When the candidates start talking about American policy towards Egypt, Libya, Israel or China our head starts to spin around with self-propelled vitriol.

When CBS News continually ran this split screen during the foreign policy debate we couldn't resist the Robamney line, original credit to Storey Clayton and the Blue Pyramid.

Siamese twins? But hopefully not two sides of the same coin?

Our foreign policy cherry picking incorporates elements from to Chomsky and Ron Paul. The bottom-line is neither party has a coherent explanation for why America has sided with and continues to side with the dictators and the oppressors from Egypt to Pakistan. Political stability and its economic consequences are trump, time and again, regardless of which party rules the White House.

Nevertheless, elections matter. Supreme Court justices are selected, and henceforth, our own freedoms ride on these elections.

We overheard two middle-age joggers talking on the Al Buehler Cross-Country trail the other day as we passed them, caught just a bit of what one said to the other, "...only way to change it is to vote for Gary Johnson." The reply was immediate, "Well, you can't do that," and then, we had jogged by them.

A friend's Dad got so mad last week, he was sputtering that Michelle Obama wasn't born in this country.

We do not try to tell you who to vote for here at the Clarion Content. We might tell you whom we support and why.

We simply want you to vote.

We don't believe this election is necessarily the most important in ages or in our lifetime. We believe active and engaged citizenry is always important. It has an essential watchdog function that democracy needs. Power corrupts, voting is the first check on that power.

If you want to vote for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein,1 Barack Obama, or Mitt Romney... just vote.

And vote up and down the ticket, here in North Carolina, you will be deciding everything from tax policy to fracking rules with your vote.

What do you want government to be? Get involved and decide.

Are you glass half-full or half-empty?

For the half-fullers, one of our buddies from California, he dreams of a Ron Paul Presidency accompanied with a Democratic Congress so that Paul can "gut the military, but can't touch social policy."

For the half-empty crew, as Churchill put, "Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried thus far."

1If you haven't heard of either of these two candidates, that is exactly what the two dominant parties are hoping.

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