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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Belt Line Station: The Platform renamed 

The Clarion Content has heard that The Platform at the Cordoba Center for the Arts in the Golden Belt complex is being leased and renamed.

Of course, the space is near and dear to the Clarion Content's hearts because we have both photographed there and hosted our first Fashion Drive-by Art Party there.1 Word is the space is to be renamed Belt Line Station. It will be catered by Triangle Catering, the same folks who manage The Cotton Room.

Photo credit to Danielle Riley

If The Cotton Room is any indication, The Platform space is in for a fabulous makeover. Triangle Catering's press release says they will be marketing to brides-to-be and local event planners.

They have done some of the research into the site's history. This something we know that the Cordoba Center for the Arts folks have been talking about harnessing for some time. Triangle Catering says Belt Line Station's tracks, that run alongside the Platform depot, were first used by the Lynchburg & Durham Railroad company, which was formed in 1887, when the tracks were completed and connected, they spanned nearly forty-two miles of North Carolina. The space served as a loading dock for Bull Durham and Duke’s Mixture tobacco products, first sold in signature pouches and later as pre-rolled cigarettes. The shipments also included finished empty bags designed to hold flour, cornmeal, salt, and other household consumables, as well as hosiery produced by the Golden Belt Hosiery Company.

Now how about that?

Photo credit to Danielle Riley

The Cordoba Center for the Arts has assured the Clarion Content that the amazing steel door painting we commissioned, seen in the background of the shot above, created by Tony Waldron will preserved, although likely not in the Belt Line space.

1Our next Fashion Drive-by Art party comes to the West Village this Fall/Winter.


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