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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tweets of the week, late October 

We think of these little slices of Twitter as our... Tweets of the week.

Real quotes from real tweeters. We love to peak behind the curtain and into the lives of folks we hardly know. Some of these Tweets are PG-13 or even R. All of them keep it real. Easily offended, click here.

All spelling is that of original authors.

My moms following soulja boy on twitter.... #icanteven #brbdying---VS

K is not a comeback. It's a letter---AC

The way you feel when your phone dies is exactly how Cinderella felt at midnight.---KO

I sware half of my face is permenatly swollen from my mom slapping me.---SH

Put on a fake smile. They'll never know---CC

Sorry to everyone I'm emailing at 1am. don't think less of me, please!---TM

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