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Saturday, November 03, 2012

How do we internalize, 'Courting Love & Violence' 

The Clarion Content met today with an old friend and former contributor, Catherine Howard. Ms. Howard was once a stalwart of the Durham art scene. She worked at the Durham Art Council and helped the Durham Storefront Project launch its first fabulous downtown install in November of last year.

These days, having returned from South Africa to North Carolina, she has decamped to Raleigh, where she is planning further world travels. Her sojourn to South Africa earlier this year produced, among many things, a fascinating sketchbook entitled, "A Warm Space to Disappear." Ms. Howard received scads of accolades for this 84 page, hard bound, visual journal documenting her artist residency in in Cape Town, S.A. So this year she is embarking on what she has titled 13x13x13 for 2013, a thirteen country, thirteen sketchbooks project to connect people through art. Just today, she said she had confirmed her residency in Buenos Aires.

With all that exciting news in the hopper, and please do click through on the links, we thought we'd dip into the back catalog for collaboration we did with Catherine this Summer. These amazing shots by Beth Mandel of BWPW Photography, featuring Clarion Content Creative Director and Durham bon vivant, Cady Childs, are from Ms. Howard's Courting Love and Violence.

In Ms. Howard's own words,
"Courting Love & Violence" originally began as a series of paintings for three narrow high windows in a Durham loft residence, and then, expanded into a camouflage inspired scroll and convertible dress.

This series explores the relationship between idealized sexuality and aggression. How do we balance our desires to blend in a hyper-sexualized world that dehumanizes and objectifies bodies without internalizing the detrimental, self-destructive facets? Using images of 1940's pin-ups and South African police squads controlling riots, these silhouetted characters create ambiguous narratives about culturally acceptable sexual violation.

All photographed in Durham by BWPW Photography

Modeled by Cady Childs

See even more photos here of Catherine Howard's "Courting Love & Violence," a Clarion Content production, photographed BWPW Photography.

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